General George A. Custer Camp #1, Wilmette, IL

Meeting Times
Gen. George A. Custer Camp #1 Wilmette: 4th Monday of March, July, September,
November, 3rd Monday in May @ 6:00p.m.

Camp Leadership

Camp Commander
Robert Hauff Contact

Sr. Vice Commander
Thomas Hauff

Jr. Vice Commander
Nick Kaup Contact

PCC Don Sherman Contact

Treasurer / PCC
Camp Council
James Bigwood Contact
PCC Everett Nyland Contact
Kenneth Smith Contact
Michael Brown Contact
Everett Nyland PCC Contact
Patriotic Instructor
Jerry Kowalski Contact
PCC Don Sherman Jr. Contact
CW Memorials
Graves Registration
Stuart Stefany Contact
PCC Mark Braun Contact
Eagle Scout Coordinator
John Bigwood Contact


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